Auto Sales

Video call with operator

Set up an appointment with operator, and see a map of the dealership's location


Auto Leasing and Financing 

Fill web financing application on screen

Bring up web application form in co-browsing window and complete it


Service and Maintenance

Video tutorial by dealership

Play a video tutorial on vehicle features to client


Service technicians can get instant onsite instructions and information for their field jobs, including annotated pictures, instant documentation, part numbers, and installation tips.


Real estate agents are able to showcase properties to their clients from afar and answer questions. Home inspectors can show flaws in a home to prospective buyers while they conduct their inspection. Mortgage lenders can walk clients through the lending process, fill out applications forms live and submit offers to sellers.


Agents can show websites, images, forms and rate sheets to clients. Clients can share bank statements, IDs, photos, and supporting information with agents. An agent can assist a client with completing and signing a form, and then submitting it. The entire process is live and online, making it very convenient to all parties, especially when they are separated by large distances.


Tutors are able to schedule appointments with their students. During their training session the teacher and student can converse interactively as well as see each other. They can share documents, and the teacher can have the student solve problems either handwritten on Chalkzen's whiteboard or from a textbook. The teacher then grades the solved problems.


Chalkzen allows doctors and nurses to check on their patients on a regular basis remotely. Although office visits may sometimes be necessary, for less serious ailments the patient's condition can be effectively diagnosed at home. 

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