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    VOIP 2-way Audio Communication

    Enjoy high quality 2-way digital (VOIP) audio during your Chalkzen session. Once a session has started, users have the option to join a voice only call or join a call that includes live video streaming as well. During the session, users also have the convenience of being able to mute and unmute their audio microphone to ensure privacy when needed.

    With Chalkzen's 2-way digital (VOIP) audio, it's just like being there. Effectively communicate with customers, partners, and employees no matter where they are in the world.

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    Live 2-way Video Streaming

    Chalkzen's video streaming technology enables 2-way video conferencing from anywhere in the world. Simply start a Chalkzen session, then start a video conference connection using either your front or rear facing camera on your tablet. No additional hardware is required.

    With the same clarity as the digital audio feature, Chalkzen's video streaming make's it just like being there. Effectively communicate with customers, partners, and employees no matter where they are in the world.

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    Real-time 2-way Whiteboarding

    Chalkzen's 2-way whiteboarding feature enables users to free form draw, highlight documents, mark up images and visually express themselves both directions in real-time. Simply choose the pencil tool from the upper menu to select the whiteboarding feature. Tap and hold on the pencil icon to select from a number of colors choices, pen types, line thickness and the amount of opacity.

    With Chalkzen's low lag architecture, you'll enjoy collaborating visually as though you were sitting side-by-side with the other person. It's the perfect tool for increasing productivity at a distance.

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    Capture and Share Images and Videos

    With Chalkzen, you can take pictures and capture videos with your tablet and then share them live during your Chalkzen session both directions. You can also share previously captured images and videos during your session by simply uploading them from your Dropbox folder. It's that simple!

    Once an image is uploaded into a Chalkzen session, you can pinch zoom on it, rotate it, and draw on it with the whiteboarding tools. In addition, users can remotely start and stop videos all the while staying closely in sync with each other -- making for a great user experience for both parties.

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    Synchronized Website Co-browsing

    Chalkzen enables user to co-browse webpages with each other. Simply type in the desired webpage address and the page shows up on both participants tablets.

    Once the page is loaded, the parties can scroll up and down on the page and highlight areas of interest with the whiteboarding tools. All the while, the participants remain completely in sync during the entire browsing process -- making for an unparalleled collaboration experience.

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    Share and Review Documents

    With Chalkzen, you can share, review, and execute documents during your live Chalkzen session. Just upload a JPEG, PNG, PDF, XLS, DOC, MP4 or DICOM file from your Dropbox account, Gallery or Camera Roll and it is quickly shared with the other participant. Note: Larger files sizes may take a little longer to upload & share.

    Once the document is loaded, the parties can scroll up and down on the page, quickly navigate to other pages in the document, highlight areas of interest, and sign pages using Chalkzen's whiteboarding tools. Similarly to the web co-browsing feature, participants remain completely in sync during the entire document sharing process -- making for a productive and enjoyable experience.

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    Scalable Dual Workspaces

    Chalkzen features two workspace areas that are scalable in size. This enables session participants to zoom in and expand on one of the areas as needed for improved viewing and collaboration. The dual workspace area also makes Chalkzen ideal for tutoring and training where instructors can pose a problem on one side of the tablet while the student or employee works out the problem on the other side.

    In short, Chalkzen's dual workspace environment enables independent whiteboarding, co-browsing, document and image sharing on each of the work spaces, creating the ultimate collaboration environment.

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    Save Collaborations to DropBox

    With Chalkzen, you have the ability to save collaboration workspaces as images to Dropbox. Simply tap on the Save button and select the desired Dropbox folder for instant storage. Once the image is stored, it is available for further collaboration on the current or any future Chalkzen sessions.

    Chalkzen's save to Dropbox feature ensure's that you will continue to benefit from your session now and into the future!


It's incredibly easy to get started using Chalkzen and benefiting from its powerful communication and collaboration features. All you need is as follows:

  • Latest Chrome, IE or Safari browser
  • Create a User profile to join session
  • Obtain User license to Host session
  • WiFi or cellular data plan
  • 2Mbps+ upload & download network speed preferred
  • Log-in and invite other participants to Join a Session
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